Recently I was reflecting and writing about point of entrance to my work and practice and it’s a great exercise to identify the position, sources, references and experiences that have been affecting my research: -context shifting, experiences, Jerome Bel, theoretical writings, Rancier, teachers, experimenting, setting up platforms for experimentation, cultural heritage, people…(???)-  I think the original impulse has been shaped from innocence to blurriness, from no methodology toward inquires of new methodologies and/or viceversa, it has changed depending as well of the environment and the tools I have reached since I started this path. What, why, how, where, are the questions always beating. Am I an artist? And if so, what does it mean?  In its political force, yes, as an election and potential as well, but I like to perceive it more in terms of how I embody this concept through my practice. What qualities I’m interested to feed/get? How I address and understand this position in society? Is it about making, presenting, offering impulses, researching, communicating, and playing with realities, with fiction and reality, seducing?? I don’t want to define it putting myself on a specific and unique pattern, but I bet for full engagement toward the position we choose. At this point, emerging and presenting my work, being part of some projects, I realize that my interest has been focused on opening spaces for investigations, highlighting the strength and power of action, believing in the need of irruptions, sort of openness and potential changes about the notions we have and create for our existence. I think new territories most be expanded where we articulate differently our relations (social, psychological, emotional, etc.). Networks that confront and dig within the different artistic fields and the relation with other ones like science, philosophy, psychology, etc. 

My work so far relates close to my intuitions trying to understand my own way to deal with the sources and the materials/concepts I bring out, looking also for feedbacks and new ways of responding. I can certainly clarify that I am mainly interested-motivated on human/social relations/conditions, perception of reality in general and specifically on time and space, language constructions, contextualization and decontextualisation, with how to frame and unframe the references and own constructions. I can say I am having my personal process as a free lancer, without ignoring the modes of production and world society structures, observing closely my individual being on collaborative or collective circumstances