i am here after a __________ state of certain emotion coming out. How wonderful is to feel, to feel the body changing and then the potential of tears coming out, simply letting the space be a container or even an abstract ephemeral mindful awareness. Then how amazing is to have the capacity of experiencing their changes and transformations, body, mind, gap relation, encounter???.
What a simple thing is to relate, but how difficult to deal or understand to the concepts of outside, artificial, natural, inside (strange terms isnĀ“t it) I have always wonder about the border, the border of what I think/feel I am and then what I am. Of course I'm not interested in entering in pureness approximations, neither to question if there is an essence or not. I am just for instants feeling so weird about "me" in relation "with".

I've been recently with lots of reflections about the fact that if I move then I am, so when I say "this" or "that", when I think "this" or "that", when I feel "whatever" in fact it is an infinite dance already gone, grasped and gone, heard and gone, felt and gone. So then I question myself from where is build up this necessity of belonging. The steps we make, they keep going, the ideas as well and then we are in the point of constructing/articulating a variety of speeches or languages... are we all the time communicating? when we realise we are, when we realise this is what makes us a "we", identifying our references, charactesitics, values, etc. then we can recognize and clearily say I am from here, not only geographically or culturally speaking, somehow, we are "part of" and we can express it because the other receives what I am trying to say, act or perform in daily life. So then life is just about who i am and how I am in relation to infinite environments/setting. Is this what we recognise as an impulse? Is this what appears that let us go forward?

How to keep instigating, how to keep being present, just that... to see with beloved eyes what interests us...for me the most revolutionary standing is precisely to keep going, to just do it, to continue unframing and reframing, to dream and make new territories of understanding, FEELING.

How awesome is to feel, just TO FEEL! (this is awareness and been AWAKED)